Links of Interest

Parent Advocacy


Globe and Mail article on the unschooling movement.

Vancouver Sun article on the importance of paying attention to learning styles.

Article on why many children get turned off math in elementary school.

A “How to” guide to getting into University without a high school diploma.

Canadian Council on Learning review of the research on the value of homework for academic success (scroll down to 2009, May 4th, Homework helps, but not always).

Oprah Show article on the documentary “The Race to Nowhere.”

Why play is vital for young children (PDF).

YouTube Videos

Entertaining and inspiring TED Talk on the need for a learning revolution.

A math teacher talking about how we should teach math.

New documentary on education called “The Race to Nowhere.” Check out this trailer!

What motivates us?

The Passionate Eye, “Children Full of Life” article and video (Part 1 of 5)  on YouTube.

A scene from the film, “The Answerman.”


Website for the film, “We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For.”

Website for Learning Success Institute, the creators of the Learning Style Profile we use and authors of “Discover Your Child’s Learning Style”.

The Institute for Democratic Education has an excellent website with many resources and a survey for sharing ideas about what you’d like to see in schools.

Dan Brown’s Open Letter to Educators: a funny and insightful take on how education needs to evolve.

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