From the Joy of Learning Workshop on June 13th, 2009

“I realized that I was expecting my son to be someone he isn’t and not acknowledging how fabulous and how great his own learning style is.” Anonymous Mom, Vancouver

“Insightful, delightful and purposeful. This will help!” -Jude Barnes, Vancouver

“The three speakers are each dynamic in their own rights and have a wealth of experience and advice that I will cherish and put to good use.” -Anonymous Mom, North Vancouver

“This was an amazing workshop that brought a lot of clarity for me as a homeschooling parent. It gave me a lot of confidence and specific suggestions on how to support my daughter’s learning.” -Cheryl Carters-Rolfe, Victoria

“Loved the combination of embracing all the diversity of our children, but we don’t need to suffer a free-for-all. There are solutions to supporting them and helping them learn.” -Megan Moser, Vancouver

From the Joy of Learning Conference on May 23, 2009

“This conference made me aware of how importantly a child’s natural way of being and doing influences their experience in the classroom.” -Sarah Parsons, Vancouver

“What a great day Saturday. The three of you are a great team and the conference organization was super. What was great about it was that it was very varied, interesting, not rushed, and people had many chances to question and comment. Thanks so much.” -Pamela Proctor, retired teacher, author and presenter at the conference (www.honouringthechild.com)

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Thank you!

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