Tina-Marie Meyer


Tina-Marie became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute in 2008, one of the largest accredited coach training institutions in the world. She completed an additional 200 hours of study in the field of leadership training, which qualified her to be a facilitator in Co-Active Training. She has additional training in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching through the Centre for Right Relationship. Tina-Marie began her education with the Learning Success Institute in 2009, first as a Learning Styles Workshop Facilitator and then as a Learning Success Coach. She is now in the process of becoming a Certified Academic Life Coach and Trainer with Academic Life Coaching.

Tina-Marie has created and presented professional development workshops for educators on personalized learning styles and Academic Life Coaching tools. She co-delivered a workshop “Relinquishing Control: The Coaching Approach to Education” for the 2012 Alternative Education Resource Organization. Her most recent adventure has been developing a four-part workshop for parents who are looking to connect and support with their kids on a different level.

Tina-Marie lives with her 4 children, 2 cats and 1 dog on the beautiful mountains of the North Shore, Vancouver, B.C. When she is not working or hanging out with her kids, you can find her enjoying many a hot yoga class, hiking with her dog, cooking yummy food… and enjoying it.

Tina-Marie can be reached by phone at 604 644 8077, or email tinamarie@joyoflearningnetwork.com

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  1. Marg Evans said,

    September 15, 2009 at 10:13 am

    Hi Tina!! It is such a wonderful experience for me to see you shine in exactly the place that honours your natural gifts and talents. Congratulations on stepping up to claim your powerful place in this world. You are using your own experience to enrich the lives of other parents – a dream you only imagined a few years ago. It is my privilege to encourage parents to attend your workshops as I know they will find the information they are longing for given in a way that honours their own needs and journey as parents.

    What is it, Tina, to embrace adversity and succeed wildly?

    Much love

    Margaret Evans R.N., B.Sc.N., C.P.C.C.
    Registered nurse, certified professional life coach

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