Darcy Kaltio

cameo-darcyDarcy Kaltio has been working with children, youth and families since 1991 and has been a BC Certified Teacher (Bachelor of Education, UVIC) since 2000.

During her career, she has taught people of all ages – from 4 to 88 – in a variety of environments, including private English language schools, traditional private schools, public schools, home learning programs, and alternative schools.

Darcy provides families with assurance and confidence by sharing her experience as an educator who has worked with many children in a variety of settings. As an educator with an insider’s knowledge of both the public school system and alternative schools, Darcy brings a unique perspective on learning and education to her clients.

Darcy is deeply committed to supporting children to be happy and successful in their learning journey. Darcy guides children expertly from a place of resisting school to loving school again. She saves clients time and money in identifying promising school options by using her insider’s eye on school visits and through thorough research. Darcy’s comprehensive knowledge of the schools empowers families to choose the best school for their child.

With Darcy’s support, children become happy, confident, and excited about learning and families become more harmonious and cooperative.

Contact her by phone at 778-867-5130 or email darcy@joyoflearningnetwork.com

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