Catherine Strickland

cameo-catherineCatherine Strickland is passionate about bringing more joy, authenticity, and compassion to children’s learning journeys.  She believes children learn best when they feel emotionally safe, have choice in their learning, and understand their unique learning needs. Each child can be empowered to discover their gifts and strengths and use them to enjoy more learning success.

Catherine has five years of interpersonal communications training and four years of part-time study in child development and learning.  She is a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters degree in Resources and Environmental Management and more than 20 years of experience in research, policy development, corporate strategy, and advocacy.

Catherine helps families create a blueprint for their childrens’ learning success. She offers a unique combination of communication skills and expertise in learning, child development, and strategic planning.  With Catherine’s guidance, families enjoy more harmony, joy and connection by developing a shared vision around learning goals and school choice.

Parents who gain understanding of their children’s learning challenges  will develop greater compassion for their children.  Catherine empowers parents to make informed choices for their children by sharing the latest research on brain functioning, learning, and child development.  Parents are children’s first learning coaches and they can advocate effectively for their child’s learning needs.

Catherine is a tireless advocate for children, ensuring their voices are heard during the process of determining their learning needs.

Catherine is a youth mentor, mother of two boys, and she founded

Contact Catherine by phone at: 778-859-1236 or email Catherine

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